Mercedes-Benz claims B Class F-CELL first ever production fuel cell vehicle


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Make/Model: B-Class F-CELL
Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz
In Brief: Mercedes-Benz is claiming that their upcoming B-Class F-Cell will be the world’s first series-produced fuel cell car.

The Word

In what could be the monumental moment for apologists of a hydrogen economy, Mercedes-Benz has launched its B-Class F-CELL, a zero-emissions vehicle the company is claiming to be the first-ever hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle to go into production.


Production will began at some point before the end of 2009 but will be limited to just 200 vehicles. Mercedes will target fleets in both California and Germany, with delivery expected to both regions some time early in 2010.

The 100 kW, 134 hp electric motor will have a maximum torque of 214 ft-lbs, and the vehicle's 35 kW lithium-ion battery pack will contribute to a range of around 250 miles (400 km).


And so …

Says Dr. Thomas Weber, the company's head of R&D, "2009 is the year in which we are establishing further milestones where sustainable mobility is concerned. The B-Class F-CELL is taking on a pioneering role as the world’s first fuel cell powered automobile to be produced under series production conditions."

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Mercedes-Benz Press Release

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