London Fuel Cell Black Cabs Make First Appearance

Fuel Cell Black London Cab

In brief: Now that they've received Road Legal status by the UK Vehicle Certification Authority, the new fuel cell-driven black cabs are finally on the road in London.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Black Cab (Fuel Cell)
Manufacturer: Intelligent Energy

The word

Fuel Cell Black CabThe highway-ready hydrogen fuel cell Black Cabs were introduced almost a year ago. A joint development between Intelligent Energy, Lotus, LTI and others, the cabs are part of a project to provide a fleet of the cabs for use in London by 2012.

The participants in the project say that they are on track. The first of the cabs entered service at the first of the week and are now transporting lucky Londoners throughout the city.

The cabs use a 30kW net output fuel cell stack coupled with a 14kW lithium polymer battery pack and 55kW (continuous) electric motor (100kW peak). Top speed is 81mph and range for the cabs is just over 250 miles.

And so ...

Very cool project which is receiving a lot of attention in Europe.

Photo credits: Intelligent Energy

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