Leo Motors Shows Zinc Air Fuel Cell Range Extender

ZAFC Leo Motors

In brief: Leo Motors displayed a new Zinc Air Fuel Cell (ZAFC) at the EV Korea 2010 Expo. The ZAFC is meant as a range extender for electric vehicles and was prototyped on a 1-ton delivery truck.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: ZAFC
Manufacturer: Leo Motors

The word


The Zinc Air Fuel Cell is a fuel cell that operates similarly to a zinc-air battery with the exception that the zinc can be replenished and the zinc oxide residue can be removed.

Operating in a way similar to a hydrogen fuel cell, a zinc air fuel cell requires less fuel and related storage systems (in total mass/size) than H2 cells. Experimentation with zinc-air fuel cells has only recently made them viable for automotive.

The system from Leo Motors uses the ZAFC along with an efficient distribution system to supply zinc pellets to all portions of the stack along with a way to control air flow and thus control the amount of power being generated.

Leo Motors used two demonstration trucks, converted from standard combustion engines to run on the ZAFC. One is a 2,200 pound (one ton) truck and the other is a half ton pickup.

And so ...

Very interesting technology and a contender as a good way to extend the range of an electric without more batteries or an internal combustion engine.

Photo credits: Leo Motors

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