ITM Power Home Hydrogen Refueling Wins Contract With NextEnergy

ITM Power

In brief: ITM Power has announced the winning of a design contract from The NextEnergy Centre to build a home hydrogen refueling station.

The word

ITM PowerThe specifications for the new refueling station are to meet original equipment manufacturer's requirements for the major automotive companies planning to roll out hydrogen passenger cars in the next few years. These OEMs need something that can refuel a car at a rate similar to what a driver today would get at the gasoline pump.

ITM Power had designed a home refueling station meant for household use as well as light industrial use for H2-powered forklifts and such. That unit put out a slow trickle of hydrogen compared to what NextEnergy thinks OEMs will want.

The original prototype unit that ITM built put out hydrogen at 72 bar. NextEnergy wants nearly ten times that at 700 bar (10,000psi).

In addition to this new contract, ITM is also nearing production finalization on a new commercial refueling station called HFuel meant for the gas station and private fleet refueling market.

And so ...

Very cool and definitely on the right path as most major manufacturers working on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles plan to have them to market by 2015.

Photo credits: ITM Power

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