Inventors Claim to Have Driven 3,000 Miles On Nothing But Water

FECi HHO generator
In brief: A 2004 Dodge Pickup truck that's been converted with an experimental oxyhydrogen (HHO) technology has reportedly run 3,000 miles without the use of gasoline or diesel fuel.

The word

Future Energy Concepts Inc. HHO generator

The inventor and his friend, both in Arizona, have been working on the concept of an HHO generator for years. Their company, Future Energy Concepts Inc, does not market any products, but is instead developing the HHO generator as an open source initiative in which any other interested tinkerer can work on the technology and be involved in its design.

Being designed under a Creative Commons patent, the concept is thus open to anyone who'd like to try or even create products based on the technology, but the tech itself cannot be controlled.

The duo does plan to sell conversion kits in the future, once the HHO units have been perfected. For now, they are content to work on the design and prototype testing.

And so ...

Here is video of the converted truck in action:

Photo credits: Future Energy Concepts, Inc.

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