Hyundai Unveils Next-Gen FCEV Blue Concept Sedan

Hyundai Blue2

In brief: Hyundai has unveiled their latest concept vehicle, a fuel cell electric vehicle called the Blue2 (Blue Squared).

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Blue2
Manufacturer: Hyundai

The word

Blue Squared

The vehicle is a second-generation concept based on last year's Blue-Will PHEV. The design and body style of the Blue2 are much the same, but this newer iteration sports a fuel cell-based powertrain.

The Seoul Motor Show opened with Hyundai, South Korea's crown jewel of auto manufacture, showing off both this FCEV concept and the new gasoline-hybrid electric Sonata Hybrid for the Korean market.

The Blue2 was code-named HND-6 and is a mid-sized sedan which Hyundai says is a blueprint for future sedan designs, as was the Blue-Will before this.

The Blue2 sports a 90kW fuel cell stack with a fuel economy of 34.9km/L of hydrogen. The tires and wheels go with the body style's improvements in aerodynamics while the interior sports many eco-friendly and recycled (or able) materials.

And so ...

Very cool concept. Hyundai plans to introduce fuel cells to market in the next two to three years.

Photo credits: Hyundai

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