Hyundai Completes 3-Gen Fuel Cell Development

Hyundai Tucson ix FCEV
In brief: Hyundai has completed development of their 3rd-generation fuel cell and its accompanying vehicle, the Tucson ix Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV).

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Tucson ix FCEV
Manufacturer: Hyundai

The word

Hyundai Tucson ix FCEV

The new Tucson FCEV will begin field testing next year and Hyundai has their eye on a 2015 production schedule for the SUV.

This third-generation fuel cell vehicle has a 100kW hydrogen fuel cell system and the ability to store 700 bar of hydrogen. This gives it a range of 650km (404 miles) with full tanks, making it more than equal to its gasoline equivalent in range.

This new range is a 76% improvement over its 2nd-generation predecessor. The new Tucson ix is also capable of 73mpg gasoline-equivalent efficiency, which is a 15% improvement over the 2-gen. Despite all of these improvements, the fuel cell itself was still reduced by 20% in volume - further compacting the technology while increasing output.

The Korean government will be the first to receive the Tucson ix FCEVs next year, with 48 vehicles slated to be part of their Domestic Fleet Program in 2011.

And so ...

So far, Hyundai's hydrogen test fleets have logged more than 2 million kilometers on the road. Limited numbers of the Tucson FCEV will be available in 2012 with production ramping up to full swing in 2015.

Photo credits: Hyundai

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