Horizon Fuel Cell Team Wins at Shell Eco-Marathon Asia 2010

Horizon Fuel Cell in UTM racer
Eco-Marathon 2010 Asia winner

In brief: The first Shell Eco-Marathon to take place in Asia has the University Tekologi Malaysia (UTM) winning first place with their 599km/l gasoline equivalent hydrogen fuel cell electric car.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: UTM Horizon FC Eco-Marathon
Manufacturer: UTM and Horizon

The word

Horizon UTM Eco-MarathonThe first Eco-Marathon in Asia had two Horizon-powered cars winning, with the King Mongtut Institute of Technology (Thailand) taking third as well as the Malaysian entry taking first.

The winning UTM car pulled an amazing 1,410mpg U.S. equivalent. For comparison, the North American competition has been running for 25 years and the top car this year accomplished 2,487.5mpg equivalent. So for a first run in Asia, the results are encouraging and the Asian race had twice as many entrants as did the North American.

Horizon Fuel Cell

The UTM Horizon car is an electric vehicle using hydrogen fuel cells and an ultracapacitor.

And so ...

Horizon makes next-generation fuel cell power products for small consumer products, larger-scale solutions for portable power and aerospace, etc.

Photo credits: Horizon Fuel Cells

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