Horizon Fuel Cell Gets Tests in Israel Aerospace Industries UAV


In brief: Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has integrated the Horizon Energy AEROPAK fuel cell power system into it's Bird Eye 650 Unmanned Aerial System.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Bird Eye 650 / AEROPAK
Manufacturer: IAI / Horizon Energy

The word


The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) now has a six hour flight time, more than double its previous range on lithium-ion batteries thanks to the AEROPAK.

The AEROPAK is a hydrogen proton exchange membrane fuel cell system developed by Singapore-based Horizon Energy Systems. The AEROPAK is in beta stage and Horizon is partnering with select UAV manufacturers to test the energy pack.

In the near future, this energy source could mean more feasible and greater adoption of electrically-powered unmanned aircraft.

And so ...

The Bird Eye 650 was introduced earlier this year as the next evolution of the 400 model before it. It is a miniature UAV used mainly for surveillance and reconnaissance support.

Photo credits: Horizon Energy Systems

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