eHydrogen Introduces H2 Reactor That Creates Hydrogen With Water and Metal

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In brief: eHydrogen Solutions has created an H2 reactor that creates hydrogen-on-demand using only water and metal alloys.

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eHydrogen SolutionsThe reactor uses aluminum of magnesium alloy, adds water, and gives off oxygen and hydrogen that can be used as fuel for cars for stationary fuel cells.

The company's H-Solaris product uses sunlight to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, but this new system works at virtually any temperature and at any time of day. No outside energy is required, the hydrogen is given off naturally as the alloys react with the water.

The alloys oxidize over time and must eventually be recycled for re-use, but since the reaction takes place by splitting apart the H2O molecules, the alloys are not quickly depleted. The units are expected to produce power at a rate of about 10 cents per kilowatt hour, if the hydrogen and heat are trapped and used for electrical generation.

The largest market for them may be fuel cells for household and industrial use as well as on-demand hydrogen pumps and fueling stations for vehicles on the road.

And so ...

Hydrogen slowly but surely begins to gain ground and with several major manufacturers planning to put out hydrogen vehicles (mostly fuel cells) by 2015, it's time may be coming.

Photo credits: eHydrogen Solutions

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