Cheetah Marine and ITM Power Building Hydrogen Catamaran

Cheetah Catamaran

In brief: Cheetah Marine and ITM Power are joining forces to create a hybrogen-powered catamaran.

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Cheetah Catamaran

The new craft will be part of the overall Isle of Wight EcoIsland project, whose goal it is to turn the Isle of Wight into the area with the lowest carbon footprint in England by 2020.

With the high fuel prices and difficult logistics of the island, Cheetah decided that this target would be excellent. The region has heavy boat usage, mostly small-sized ocean-ready craft like the catamaran.

The choice of ITM Power was easy as the company has experience converting conventional petrol engines over to hydrogen burning. This will reduce emissions and fuel costs (since hydrogen can be made locally). It provides the best current plan for the island's fuel and emissions needs without requiring new equipment at high cost.

And so ...

Other islands are taking note of the progress of the EcoIsland project and could benefit from technologies like these.

Photo credits: Cheetah Marine

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