Audi Showcases Q5 Fuel Cell Hybrid at Challenge Bibendum

Audi Q5 FCHV

In brief: Audi entered the Q5 technical study fuel cell vehicle in the Challenge Bibendum this year in Berlin.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Q5 HFCV
Manufacturer: Audi

The word

Audi Q5 HFCV

The Challenge is an intercity rally held annually in which participants cover 300 kilometers of meandering roads through the German state of Brandenburg. All of Audi's alt-fuel vehicles were in the race, including their A3 TCNG (natural gas), Q5 hybrid quattro, and the Audi A8 TDI (diesel).

This latest rendition of Audi's fuel cell testing has two 700bar tanks, a polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cell outputting 98kW and a lithium-ion battery pack at 1.3kWh. Two drive motors close to the wheels produce 90kW peak (420Nm, 310lb-ft).

And so ...

Very cool indeed. Just about every manufacturer is working on fuel cells now.

Photo credits: Audi

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