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Fuel Cell Car News Page 7

Breaking News


Honda Unveils Solar-Powered Hydrogen Generating Fuel Station

In brief: Honda has what might be the most advanced hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle program of all the carmakers today and now they've unveiled one of the ... Read More


University of South Carolina Sending Hydrogen Bus to Olympics

In brief: The University of South Carolina's Hydrogen Hybrid Bus is headed for Vancouver, Canada to be showcased at the 2010 Winter Olympics. Vehic... Read More


Riversimple Begins Launching Open Source Info on Hyrban FCV

In brief: Riversimple, which designed the open-source hydrogen car called the Hyrban. They've begun releasing the plans and schematics of the car, be... Read More


Kia Shows Off the Borrego Fuel Cell SUV

In brief: Kia and Hyundai are working together on hydrogen fuel cell technology, with the 2009 prototype being a Borrego SUV. Vehicle in the news ... Read More


Peugeot Shows Off the 307cc FiSyPAC Fuel Cell Hybrid in Lyons

In brief: This latest iteration of Peugeot's fuel cell technology hit the streets in Lyons, France, starting today and in the chassis of the popular 3... Read More


Nissan Leases First X-Trail FCV to Coca-Cola in Sacramento, CA

In brief: Nissan has announced their first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle lease in North America, leasing the X-Trail FCV to Coca-Cola Bottling Co. in Sac... Read More


The Nissan X-Trail FCV - the Hydrogen Fuel-Cell SUV

In brief: A brief overview of the Nissan X-Trail Fuel Cell Vehicle being developed in Japan. Vehicle in the news Make/Model: X-Trail FCV Manufa... Read More


Mercedes-Benz F-CELL Hydrogen Fuel Cell B-Class in Limited Production

In brief: Mercedes-Benz has put the B-Class F-CELL into limited production for continued trials of their hydrogen fuel cell technology. Vehicle in ... Read More


Citaro Fuel Cell Bus Debuts in Hamburg

In brief: New HFC bus hits the streets in Hamburg with a 50% lower fuel consumption versus it's earlier counterparts. Vehicle in the news Make/M... Read More


The Japanese Hydrogen Car Fun Run

In brief: Honda, Nissan and Toyota got together today for an 1,100 kilometer fun run from Tokyo to Fukuoka with their HFC models. Vehicle in the ne... Read More


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