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Fuel Cell Car News Page 6

Breaking News


Smart Fuel Cell Announces Fuel-Cell Range Extended Car

In brief: Smart Fuel Cell has announced a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) concept for a range-extended electric using fuel cells. The word Ger... Read More


eHydrogen Introduces H2 Reactor That Creates Hydrogen With Water and Metal

In brief: eHydrogen Solutions has created an H2 reactor that creates hydrogen-on-demand using only water and metal alloys. The word The reactor ... Read More


BMW R&T Shows Hydrogen Fuel Cell Hybrid and On-Board Reformer

In brief: BMW's Research and Technology wing (Forschung and Technik) showed the results of two projects: a prototype fule-cell hybrid vehicle and an o... Read More


BAE Systems Developing Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus for SunLine

In brief: BAE Systems is developing a hydrogen fuel cell bus for SunLine Transit, a Southern California regional transit agency, as part of a Federal ... Read More


GM Moves Forward on Proudction Plans for Fuel Cell Vehicle by 2015

In brief: General Motors, which has been testing a fleet of over 100 hydrogen fuel cell Equinox SUVs throughout the U.S., has handed over the keys to ... Read More


Melbourne TAXI 2020 Concept is Plug-in and Fuel Cell Car All In One

In brief: RMIT University student Damian Lucaciu has won the James Dyson Australian Design Award for his hydrogen fuel-cell, plug-in electric Melbourn... Read More


Hyundai Shows New Tucson ix35 HFC EV; Production by 2012

In brief: Hyundai has unveiled it's Tucson ix35 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) at the Geneva Motor Show, showing significant improvements ... Read More


London Gets Hydrogen Taxis from Lotus

In brief: Lotus Engineering, London Taxis International and Intelligent Energy have teamed up to collaborate on a hydrogen-powered taxi fleet to be re... Read More


Suzuki's New Fuel Cell Scooter in London

In brief: Suzuki and Intelligent Energy have teamed up to produce the Suzuki Burgman Fuel Cell Scooter and unveiled it in London on Wednesday. Vehi... Read More


Smith Electric Vehicles to Get Hydrogen Range Extension

In brief: Proton Power Systems and Smith Electric Vehicles are teaming up to ad fuel-cell range extenders to the popular Smith Electric trucks manufac... Read More


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