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Fuel Cell Car News Page 5

Breaking News


Leo Motors Shows Zinc Air Fuel Cell Range Extender

In brief: Leo Motors displayed a new Zinc Air Fuel Cell (ZAFC) at the EV Korea 2010 Expo. The ZAFC is meant as a range extender for electric vehicles... Read More


Boeing Unveils Phantom Eye H2-Powered Unmanned Aircraft

In brief: Boeing has unveiled a demonstrator hydrogen-powered unmanned airborne system called the Phantom Eye. Vehicle in the news Make/Model: P... Read More


M1 Abrams Tank Might Get Fuel Cells

In brief: The U.S. Army is exploring the idea of using fuel cell technology to give extra power to the M1 Abrams main battle tank series. Vehicle i... Read More


Fuel Cell Taxi Unveiled at London's City Hall

In brief:Intelligent Energy, Lotus Engineering, LTI Vehicles, TRW Conekt, and the UK's Technology Strategy Board have unveiled a highway-ready, zero-e... Read More


Hydrogen Race Team Competes in Formula Zero

In brief: The Greenchoice Forze Formula Zero Team from the TU Deift makes their first appearance with their hydrogen-electric gokart in Rio. Vehicl... Read More


ITM Power Home Hydrogen Refueling Wins Contract With NextEnergy

In brief: ITM Power has announced the winning of a design contract from The NextEnergy Centre to build a home hydrogen refueling station. The word ... Read More


Kia Wants 10,000 Fuel Cell Vehicles on the Road by 2015

In brief: Kia, often overlooked, plans an aggressive future for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and wants to be the world leader in HFCV technology. Th... Read More


Vision Tyrano Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck Recruited by US Military

In brief: The Vision Industries Tyrano hydrogen fuel cell heavy truck is now being represented by defense contractor Burtek, Inc. for presentation to ... Read More


Toyota Aiming for $50,000 Price Mark on Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles by 2015

In brief: Toyota has announced that the price point for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (HFCV or FCV) will be $50,000 or less by 2015. That is a cost cut... Read More


Burbank California To Get Two Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses

In brief: The city of Burbank, California will be purchasing two new hydrogen fuel cell transit buses from Proterra. Vehicle in the news Make/Mo... Read More


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