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Fuel Cell Car News Page 3

Breaking News


Hyundai Introduces Latest Generation Hydrogen Fuel Cell Tucson

In brief: Hyundai Motor America has introduced the latest iteration of their fuel cell vehicle, the Tucson ix Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV). Ve... Read More


Scottish Scientists Using Nanotech to Make Hydrogen Storage Tanks

In brief: Researchers at the University of Glasgow have teamed with EADS and Hydrogen Horizons to alter hydrogen (H2) storage tanks using nanotechnolo... Read More


Toyota Puts Highlander Fuel Cell SUVs Into Tokyo Taxi Fleet

In brief: Toyota, the first of several companies to promise a production fuel cell vehicle by 2015, has put their latest FCHV-adv based on the Highlan... Read More


Hyundai Completes 3-Gen Fuel Cell Development

In brief: Hyundai has completed development of their 3rd-generation fuel cell and its accompanying vehicle, the Tucson ix Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (... Read More


First U.S. Mercedes FCV Lease Issued to Hollywood Executive

In brief: The first lease for a Mercedes-Benz F-CELL has been given to the Executive Director of the Producers Guild of America, Vance Van Patten. ... Read More


Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses Enter Service in London

In brief: The first of eight hydrogen fuel cell buses will begin operations in London, England on Saturday, making for the largest HFC bus fleet in Eu... Read More


Inventors Claim to Have Driven 3,000 Miles On Nothing But Water

In brief: A 2004 Dodge Pickup truck that's been converted with an experimental oxyhydrogen (HHO) technology has reportedly run 3,000 miles without the... Read More


Mercedes-Benz Shows B-Class F-Cell FCEV at the LA Auto Show

In brief: The new production B-Class F-CELL fuel cell car from Mercedes-Benz was shown at the LA Auto Show in anticipation of their limited release in... Read More


Proton Power Reports Successful Fuel Cell Range Extender Trials

In brief: Proton Power Systems has successfully completed the first phase of testing for a fuel cell range extender for Smith Electric Vehicles. Th... Read More


Volvo Developing Fuel Cell Reformer, Range Extender for EVs

In brief: Volvo and Swedish Energy Agency are working on development of a fuel cell system as a range extender for an electric car, but using gasoline... Read More


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