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Fuel Cell Car News Page 2

Breaking News


Bruce Wayne Goes Green - New Batmobile Introduced

In brief: Designed by Gordon Murray, the hydrogen fuel cell-powered Batmobile will be featured in the Batman Live tour. The word The vehicle... Read More


Michelin to Provide Fuel Cell for FAM F-City Car

In brief: Michelin, the tire company, is developing a hydrogen fuel cell that will be used in the FAM F-City car in France. Vehicle in the news ... Read More


Shanghai Automotive to Put Fuel Cell Vehicle to Market

In brief: Shanghai Automotive, a premier Chinese automaker, plans to launch its own plug-in hydrogen fuel cell vehicle by 2015 based on its work with ... Read More


Students Compete in NREL Solar and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Races

In brief: Sixty-five teams from twenty-four Colorado schools participated in an area-wide hydrogen fuel cell and solar car competition, the Junior Sol... Read More


Audi Showcases Q5 Fuel Cell Hybrid at Challenge Bibendum

In brief: Audi entered the Q5 technical study fuel cell vehicle in the Challenge Bibendum this year in Berlin. Vehicle in the news Make/Model: Q... Read More


Toyota Opens 1st Pipeline-Fed Hydrogen Fueling Station in U.S.

In brief: Toyota has opened the first pipeline-fed hydrogen fueling station in the U.S. The word Toyota's new station opened in Torrance, Ca... Read More


Port of LA Approves $1.4M Contract With Vision Motors for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trucks

In brief: The Port of Los Angeles has approved a $1.4 million contract with Vision Motor Corp to retrofit 15 electric trucks with their hydrogen fuel ... Read More


Hyundai Unveils Next-Gen FCEV Blue Concept Sedan

In brief: Hyundai has unveiled their latest concept vehicle, a fuel cell electric vehicle called the Blue2 (Blue Squared). Vehicle in the news M... Read More


London Fuel Cell Black Cabs Make First Appearance

In brief: Now that they've received Road Legal status by the UK Vehicle Certification Authority, the new fuel cell-driven black cabs are finally on th... Read More


Suzuki Burgman Fuel Cell Scooter Gets Approval

In brief: The Suzuki Burgman Fuel Cell Scooter has obtained European Whole Vehicle Type Approval (WVTA). Vehicle in the news Make/Model: Burgman... Read More


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