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Fuel Cell Car News

Breaking News


Toyota Giving One Lucky Winner a Fuel Cell Vehicle

In brief: Toyota and charity partner Environmental Media Association are giving away a fuel cell vehicle in California. Vehicle in the news Year... Read More


Toyota says we are 'on the cusp of the hydrogen age'

In brief: Speaking at the 2014 J.P. Morgan Auto Conference, Toyota Senior VP Bob Carter said we are beginning an automotive hydrogen age. The word ... Read More


SAE J2601 hydrogen fueling standards published

In brief: In a bid to harmonize H2 fueling standards globally, the Society of Automotive Engineers has published the J2601 standard. The word The ... Read More


Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell tells its story in video

In brief: In the spring, new Hyundai Tucscon Fuel Cell vehicles will be in company dealerships this coming spring. Here's what they are. Vehicle in... Read More


Honda FCEV (fuel cell vehicle) concept makes world debut

In brief: The Honda FCEV Concept, a hydrogen fuel cell concept meant as a first-design for the upcoming 2015 production FCEV, debuted in Los Angeles. ... Read More


Hyundai to offer Fuel Cell Tucson to Southern California market this Spring

In brief: Hyundai will become the first manufacturer to offer a consumer-ready, production fuel cell vehicle in the United States when the Tucson FCEV... Read More


Fuel cell Chevrolet Equinox tops 100,000 miles in testing

In brief: One of the Equinox fuel cell research vehicles in the General Motors real-world test fleet has topped 100,000 miles in service, marking a mi... Read More


GM, Honda collaborating on next-generation fuel cells

In brief: General Motors, in a surprise move, has announced a partnership with Honda on fuel cell development. The word In a long-term agreement, ... Read More


Hyundai delivers first 15 of their ix35 Fuel Cell crossovers in Europe

In brief: Hyundai delivered the first of its production version of the ix35 Fuel Cell crossovers to the City of Copenhagen in Denmark, making it the f... Read More


U.S. Navy's Ion Tiger flies for 48 hours straight

In brief: The Ion Tiger, a hydrogen fuel cell prototype drone aircraft designed and being tested by the United States Navy, has flow for 48 hours stra... Read More


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