US Commercial Jet Flies Using 40:60 Synthetic Jet Fuel Blend

Rentech Process

In brief: United Airlines and Rentech have successfully flown a validation flight using a 40:60 mixture of RenJet synthetic jet fuel.

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The Rentech Process

Flying the aircraft, an Airbus 319, using a 40:60 mix of synthetic:Jet A fuel in one engine and standard Jet A in the other engine (for safety), the aircraft successfully made 39,000 feet from the Denver Airport.

An on-board team collected data during the flight, getting information on the fuel's performance during maneuvers. The plane was piloted by Captain Joseph Burns, of United.

The fuel is a synthetic jet fuel called RenJet made by Rentech in their patented Fischer Tropsch process. It is derived from natural gas and is ASTM approved for passenger jet use.

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Rentech is located in Commerce City, Colorado, near Denver and the airport.

Photo credits: Rentech

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