ELEKTRA ONE Takes First Flight

ELEKTRA ONE in flight
In brief: The electric aircraft, the ELEKTRA ONE, has taken its first flight entirely under its own power.
Photo from PC-Aero / Calin Gologan

Vehicle in the news

  • Make/Model: ELEKTRA ONE
  • Manufacturer: Calin Gologan

The word

The electric propeller plane finally took flight on March 19 in Augsburg, Germany on its first "internal" flight (meaning under its own power). On March 23, it flew again, circling the airport for 30 minutes.

The single-seat plane flew to over 1,640 feet (500m), climbing at 400ft/minute. The climb and 30 minute flight used up about 3kWh of the plane's total of 6kWh of power.

The electric motor, the HPD 13.5, was specially developed for the plane, putting out 16kW maximum power.

The initial flight tested flight characteristics while the second tested and evaluated the electric drive.

And so ...

The plane is a first step in a planned longer-flight version of the prop.

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