Flying Car News


Terrafugia To Enter Production With Transition Flying Car

In brief: Massachusetts-based Terrafugia has received the OK from the FAA and will begin production of the Transition flying car late next year. Ve... Read More


Eurocopter X3 Hybrid Helicopter Exceeds Speed Challenge

In brief: Eurocopter has achieved a new milestone in development of the X3 hybrid helicopter, reaching 232 knots (267mph) in true air speed at stable,... Read More


Synergy Aircraft Project Unveils at EAA

In brief: The physical, full-scale model of the Synergy airplane unveiled at the CAFE Electric Aircraft Symposium in Santa Rosa, California. Vehicl... Read More


ELEKTRA ONE Takes First Flight

In brief: The electric aircraft, the ELEKTRA ONE, has taken its first flight entirely under its own power. Photo from PC-Aero / Calin Gologan... Read More


US Commercial Jet Flies Using 40:60 Synthetic Jet Fuel Blend

In brief: United Airlines and Rentech have successfully flown a validation flight using a 40:60 mixture of RenJet synthetic jet fuel. The word ... Read More


VSS Enterprise Prepares to Go Where No Commercial Enterprise Has Gone Before

In brief: Virgin Galactic's new sub-orbital space shuttle, dubbed the VSS Enterprise, is unveiled at the new Virgin Galactic Spaceport America. Veh... Read More


USN Synthesizes Renewable Missile Fuel

In brief: The U.S. Navy has successfully synthesized renewables-based, high-density fuel with properties similar to JP-10 missile fuel. Vehicle in ... Read More


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