World's First Algae-Powered Airplane Flies

Diamond Aicraft DA42 NG

In brief: EADS completed a test flight powered entirely by algae-based biofuel last week.

The word

Diamond Aircraft DA42

Several companies world wide are testing aircraft using biofuels and alternatives, but this is the first time an aircraft has been flown entirely on biofuel based 100% on algae.

The Diamond Aicraft DA42 New Generation twin-prop plane flew at the International Aerospace Exhibition in Berlin. A repeat test flight will be made at the Farnborough Airshow in Britain.

The DA42 clocked a successful flight and also showed that this particular biofuel used about half a gallon less per hour of flight than its petroleum counterpart. Emissions are lower as well.

EADS plans to have a fully biofuel-powered test route operating within five years (Paris to Toulouse) and 10% of their fleet flying on biofuels by 2030.

And so ...

Aviation is taking large steps towards cleaner and most sustainable flight.

Photo credits: Diamond Aircraft/EADS

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