Navistar and Clean Air Power Partner to Produce Natural Gas Dual-Fuel MaxxForce Engines

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In brief: Navistar has signed a concept development agreement with Clean Power Ltd to develop Navistar's new MaxxForce 13 big bore engine. The engine will run on natural gas and diesel fuel and is to be targeted for the North American market.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: MaxxForce 13
Manufacturer: Navistar, Inc.

The word

Navistar LogoWith the two year agreement, the companies will work together to continue a previous two year development to produce a natural gas dual-fuel MaxxForce 13 Advanced EGR engine for the North American truck market.

The engine would be compliant with the Environmental Protection Agency's 2010 on-highway diesel emissions without using liquid-urea selective catalytic reduction (SCR).

Clean Air Power, a UK-based company, has been developing its next-generation MicroPilot technology which uses smaller pilot injectors for diesel engines, which reduces NOx and CO2 emissions.

The new technology will combine this with natural gas and air to reduce the diesel usage further. The technology is already being used in Europe by Volvo Powertrain.

And so ...

Very interesting development with potential to lower diesel truck NOx emissions by up to 80%.

Photo credits: Navistar

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