High Efficiency Hydraulic Hybrid Car Concept Revealed

INGOCAR concept

In brief: The INGOCAR is a concept for a passenger car with a hydraulic hybrid drive system. The vehicle is a gasoline-hydraulic hybrid concept and could get at much as 170mpg.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: INGOCAR
Manufacturer: Valentin Technologies

The word

INGOCAR concept platform

Under development for over 15 years, the car is a totally unique platform based on a gasoline engine powering not a conventional drive train, but instead compressing hydraulic fluids which are then used in special hydraulic-pressure-driven motors to turn the wheels.

The vehicle also retains 70-85% of the braking power by returning it to the hydraulic pressure tank.

With the resulting loss in vehicle weight, the engine able to run at optimum RPMs at all times (and start-stopping when it can), plus other design advantages, the INGOCAR is capable of 140-170mpg.

And so ...

The car is continuing development with new changes, a new engine, and new engineering drawings and concept markups.

Photo credits: Valentin Technologies

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