Getrag Begins Production of New Powershift Transmission

Getrag Powershift 6DCT250

In brief: Getrag, one of the largest suppliers for transmissions and powertrains worldwide, is now producing the Powershift transmission, which can reduce fuel consumption by up to 20% over conventional torque converter automatics.

Transmission in the news

Make/Model: Powershift
Manufacturer: Getrag Corp Group

The word

Getrag Powershift

Getrag began series production of the 6DCT250, it's latest Powershift transmission. The transmission will appear in the European Renault Megane, the Renault Scenic, and the North American Ford Fiesta.

The transmission is a six-speed, front-wheel-drive model that will reduce fuel consumption by up to 20% over a comparable conventional torque converter model. Getrag plans to build about 100,000 of these transmissions this year, with numbers ramping up according to demand afterwards. Most production will take place in their Italian and Mexican plants.

The 6DCT250 can be used in both gasoline and diesel power trains (or their hybrid siblings, even with start-stop) and requires no change in hardware for installation.

The transmission works by splitting odd and even gears into separated partial transmissions, connected by a dry dual clutch. This eliminates the requirement of a torque converter and makes shifting more efficient.

And so ...

Interesting new design. Most automatics are now going to 6-speed for efficiency and this further development could improve ICE efficiency even further.

Photo credits: Getrag

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