Formula One Teams Plan to Cut Emissions, Fuel Use

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In brief: The Formula One Teams Association (FOTA) has joined the Federation de International Automotive (FIA) to cut carbon emissions by 15% in 3 years and double efficiency of race engines within 5 years.

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The impressive plans were proposed by FOTA teams and the organization then hired life-cycle analyst Trucost. The company found that the cars themselves are only about 0.5% of the total emissions of FOTA. Most of their emissions come from car parts and materials, transporting cars, and wind tunnel operations to test car streamlining.

New technical regulations from FIA are being hashed out in cooperation with FOTA in order to downsize engines. Dropping from 8 to 6 cylinders has already been decided. New fuel limits (max amount of fuel allowed per race) will also likely be imposed, dropping the amount by half over five years.

The overall goals are to cut costs, make the races more relevant to manufacturers and sponsors, and to reduce F1's impact on the environment.

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Other initiatives will also be taken by FOTA participants to cut emissions outside of the race itself, including better equipment, more efficient transport, etc.

Photo credits: FOTA press release (email)

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