Bentley will Introduce Flex-Fuel Supersports Convertible at Geneva

Bentley Supersports Convertible flex-fuel

In brief: Bentley will introduce its flex-fuel capable Supersports Convertible at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Supersports Convertible
Manufacturer: Bentley

The word

Bently Supersports Convertible

The Supersports Convertible will features the same 621bhp twin-turbo W12 engine that the 2009 Coupe model did, which is the fastest and most powerful Bentley has ever built. This version will run on both gasoline and E85 bioethanol or any combination of the two.

This standardizes the FlexFuel technology that Bentley has been using in its Continental model range for 2011. The Bentley FlexFuel system keeps power and torque constant, no matter the fuel source or mixture.

Teh increased fuel flow required to make up the difference between gasoline (petrol) and E85 (ethanol) - a difference of about 30% - is done through a returnless fuel system, twin variable flow fuel pumps, and a closed-loop fuel rail design.

Other changes, such as the type of gaskets and O-rings used, were also made to accomodate ethanol's lower viscosity.

And so ...

Bentley seems determined to have all of its vehicles be bio-fuel compatible by 2012 without losing performance.

Photo credits: Bentley

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