Automotive X-Prize Begins Knockout Rounds, Losing Some Teams

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In brief: The Progressive Automotive X-Prize Competition is heating up with a new Knockout Round that began this week as Phase II of the live competition begins.

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Several vehicles and teams were eliminated, some during the Shakedown Phase in early May. Others arrived late and were given extensions to begin their Shakedown this month while others were given a second chance after failing the Shakedown Phase.

The competition is heating up at the Michigan International Speedway as some teams fall out of the competition, going home empty handed.

The Global E-Pulse team received a probationary pass during the Shakedown, but was unable to improve their car to pass inspection and has been eliminated.

Team Cornell (Cornell U.) withdrew from the competition after their conditional acceptance from the Shakedown failed to bring them to the Knockout round with functional electronics in their EV.

K-Way Motus and Liberty Motors both withdrew from the competition also due to technical and on-track issues they were unable to resolve for the Knockout phase.

The rest of the competitors are continuing their fight to the finish during this Knockout Phase (the first of two).

And so ...

Camaraderie runs deep, despite the competition, and several teams have been seen in the pits with their opponents, helping to repair or resolve issues to keep them in the running. Definitely a competition that's more about being there than about winning!

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