Sweden Inaugurates First Electric Road

Sweden Electric Road

In brief: Sweden has inaugurated a test stretch of electric roadway on its E16 highway in Sandviken. It allows electric-powered heavy vehicles to charge while on the go, one of the first such experiments in the world.

The word

The 2 kilometer test stretch works in a way similar to light rail, allowing equipped vehicles to drive under and connect with contact lines situated 5.4 meters above the roadway. The lines can provide 750 VDC to a vehicle's batteries at up to 90 km/h. The single lane charging point is being used by specially-equipped hybrid-electric Scania trucks that are part of the testing.

Other traffic on the road can pass underneath the lines without interference and a rest area at the end of the stretch has more charge points using the same system, but used when parking, to complete a charge should it be needed.

And so ...

Testing on the new stretch of highway will be conducted until 2018 and results will be used to fine-tune and potentially roll out more of the same system throughout the country.

Photo credits: Scania

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