Sneak preview of this weekend's National Plug In Day

Prius plug-in conversion by Boulder Hybrids

In brief: At a special press preview of this Saturday's National Plug In Day, we sampled an event that will be going on all over the nation, featuring plug-in electric cars of all types.

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National Plug In Day is an event sponsored by Nissan, Ford, and several coalitions in local areas who are promoting plug-in hybrids and electric cars, their infrastructure, and public awareness. At a sneak preview in Denver, Colorado, we got an early look at what will be going on this weekend.

The event features ride and drives in plug-in-ready cars supplied by local dealerships and with the help of informative employees there who can help consumers understand the benefits and capabilities of the PHEVs on offer.

Misconceptions about battery electrics, plug-in hybrids, and even conversions are rampant and those who sell the cars have found that a few minutes explaining their benefits and use dispels most of those. One of the largest of those false assumptions is that all electrics are alike.

One look at the offerings at a National Plug In Day ride and drive will quickly do away with that notion, as the practical Nissan LEAF is contrasted by the luxurious Tesla Model S while the range-anxious will see the fun Ford C-MAX Energi and the stylish Chevrolet Volt. The range of options is likely larger than most would expect.

And in the Denver area, for those who already own a hybrid Prius and aren't ready to sell it, the option of making it a plug-in hybrid without voiding its warranty is had through Boulder Hybrids, which turns a standard Prius into a 100 mpg plug-in (pictured above).

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Photo credits: Aaron Turpen

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