Acura 4-motor NSX-inspired EV To Tackle Pikes Peak

Acura 4-Motor EV

In brief: Acura plans to race an NSX-inspired EV Concept up the 2016 Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in the Electric Modified Class.

Vehicle in the news

Year, Model: 4-Motor EV Concept
Manufacturer: Acura

The word

The Pikes Peak racer will be a concept vehicle that features four motors, one per wheel, with independent torque vectoring for each. Electronic controls based on driver inputs will control how fast and how slow each wheel moves individually, giving better control on corners and faster off-line speeds with better launch control.

Driven by seasoned driver Tesuya Yamano, the Acura will be the next version of an electric prototype to tackle Pikes Peak. Last year, Yamano drove a CR-Z-based prototype up the hill. This new 4-Motor EV Concept has three times the total system output of that CR-Z.

A production version of this car, a three-motor system, includes a combustion engine (V6 twin turbo) and nine-speed dual-clutch transmission.

And so ...

The handling technology in the production version and this Pikes Peak machine has been 20 years in development.

Photo credits: Acura

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