Zero Motorcycles Unveils 2011 Lineup

Zero 2011 updates

In brief: Zero Motorcycles has unveiled their 2011 lineup of electric motorcycles and technological improvements.

The word

Zero Motorcycles

The company is maintaining its lineup of electric models including the X, MX, S, and DS on- and off-road. The BMX-style X and MX models remain basically the same except for technical improvements (see below). The S and DS see some design improvements for cosmetics as well as the same technical upgrades.

The upgrades for all models in the series include better batteries, now capable of fast charging. This means about half the charge time (roughly 60%) for all models.

Added to that is a new option for a J1772 SAE port to make the bikes compatible with the standards for electric cars on the grid. This would replace the normal 3-prong plug for charging and would let users charge their bike on the same station they plug in their car.

The new models can be ordered now and will begin shipping in March. MSRP has stayed about the same for all models, starting at $7,995 for the base X model and going up to $10,995 for the top-line DS.

And so ...

Some other improvements include belt drives in the S and DS (quieter performance) and upgraded braking and suspensions systems on all four models. The X models can now be made street legal with optional accessories.

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