Zero Motorcycles Expands into Europe

Zero S on the street

In brief: Zero has been establishing itself in the American motocross and enduro-style motorcycle circles and has now begun expanding into Europe to compete directly with Quantaya and similar electric motorcycle makers.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Zero / Zero S
Manufacturer: Zero Motorcycles

The word

Zero S on the road

After establishing a European headquarters in Amsterdam last year, Zero found that the market for their motorcycles in Europe is very strong. Because of that, they are expanding their sales force throughout Europe, with the first new addition to be in Switzerland with eMobility.

The company has also established independent representatives in the UK, Germany, France, Austria, Italy, and Spain. The motorcycles are competing directly with competitor Quantaya, whose electric bikes have beaten the Zero in exhibition races in the U.S., but whose price tag is markedly higher.

And so ...

Great news on the electric motorcycle front as this market emerges as the strongest-ever for electric vehicles.

Photo credits: Zero

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