Zero Motorcycles Adds Longer Range to 2012 Lineup

Zero 2012 Lineup promo

In brief: Zero Motorcycles is in Milan showing their 2012 lineup of motorcycles at the EICMA trade show with a surprise announcement: all 2012 models have been upgraded with faster speed and longer range.

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Make/Model: S, DS, X, XU, MX
Manufacturer: Zero Motorcycles

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Zero 2012 Lineup

Zero, based in California, surprised the industry with the announcement in Italy, which many believe is a bid to take a jab at (friendly) European rival Quantya as well as a direct assault on American rival Brammo, which just launched European sales earlier this year.

The EU market for electric motorcycles is expected to be huge and this announcement shows that Zero is planning to try to take it by storm.

The new upgrades for 2012 include a new motor with more power and a higher-tech battery technology that allows longer range as well. The new battery packs have nearly twice the energy density of the previous model and the new motors allow for regenerative braking.

The S and DS, which are the off-road and dual-sport versions of the company's best-selling models, will have speeds up to 88mph and a range of up to 100 miles per charge - putting them in mainstream category for speed and endurance.

The Zero X and XU will have speeds of 56 and 65mph at their top (respectively). The X, being off-road trail bike, will be listed with a 60-120 minute trail time or 38 mile city range. The XU (a street-legal X) will sport 42/28 miles range city/highway.

The MX is a motocross bike and will now have a 54mph speed and 45-90 minutes of track and 60-120 minutes of trail time.

Base prices on the Zero line start at $7,695 and go up to $13,995, depending on the model.

And so ...

Zero will be beating Brammo to the 100+ mile range punch by several months and Quantya has yet to make any rang eupgrade announcement.

Photo credits: Zero Motorcycles

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