ZENN puts the kibosh on the highway-capable CityZENN


Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: CityZENN
Manufacturer: ZENN Motor Company
In Brief: ZENN Motors announces that, due to a recent shift in their business strategy, they will no longer be pursuing a highway-speed version of its minicar.

The Word

According to a company press release, the Toronto-based NEV manufacturer has officially put the kibosh on the CityZENN, a highway-capable version of its lone vehicle, the ZENN Car.


The ZENN Car

Instead of developing the CityZENN, the company has chosen instead to reach that market by way of its ZENNergyTM drive, an "electric drivetrain solution powered by EEStor and integrating third party and proprietary technologies being developed by the Company."

And so …

Considering the beautifully practical design of the ZENN Car, which sets it apart from virtually every other NEV on the market today, the loss of a highway-capable vehicle from this manufacturer is unfortunate to say the least.

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