Zenn Motors to Cease Low Speed EV Manufacturing

Zenn CEO

In brief: Zenn Motors, the Canadian manufacturer of electric vehicles, has announced they're halting production of low-speed electrics next spring with the expected delivery of the first EESTOR systems.

The word

Zenn CEO Clifford

When they first began in 2006, Zenn made low-speed, neighborhood electric, and urban commuter electric cars. Their newest prototype was called the Zenn and was to be the company's first freeway-capable electric vehicle.

CEO Ian Clifford told reporters in September that the production plans for the Zenn had been canceled in favor of producing Zennergy Drive powertrains.

Partnered with EESTOR, the energy storage company whose product of the same name is planned to revolutionize the industry, Zenn will sell their proprietary technology. The company's new business model is to provide ready-made power trains and technology to the original equipment manufacturing market.

And so ...

The LSV, Zenn's current EV, will cease production in April 2010.

Photo credits: Zenn Motors

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