ZENN Motor Co. ending production on flagship ZENN Car


Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: ZENN Car
Manufacturer: ZENN Motor Company
In Brief: According to the CBC, ZENN Motor Company has decided to halt production on its only vehicle, the ZENN Car.

The Word

Just a few days ago, ZENN Motor Company announced that they were striking plans to build a highway-capable vehicle to go along with their ZENN Car, an NEV with a stylish design that some had hailed as a "mini-revolution in the industry."


Now, according to a story from the CBC, ZENN is announcing that they will halt production on the ZENN Car itself as well, a vehicle once touted by the company as "Earth's favorite car", and instead bring the entire company focus on "marketing its highway-capable drive system to the big car manufacturers", in the words of CEO Ian Clifford.

And so …

Clifford claims that despite the positive press and reviews that the ZENN Car has received since its launch, the company has only sold about 500 vehicles. This is unfortunate news in every respect.

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