ZENN Ceases Production, EESTOR Still Hasn't Delivered

In brief: ZENN Motors, which owns a large stake in EESTOR's supercapacitor, has ceased production of all models and laid off its 15 production employees in anticipation of the release of the EESTOR technology.

The word

ZENN CEOEESTOR has a long history of being very close to the vest with its technology while leaks of its huge capacity and abilities had the EV world in an uproar a year ago. When patent files were approved and released, enthusiasts poured over them to find the secret (or the lies) behind the technology.

So far, speculation has been rampant with each new tidbit from EESTOR and stakeholder ZENN Motors. EESTOR has missed another deadline, having promised to deliver the first production prototypes at the end of 2009.

ZENN, however, still believes in the tech and has made moves to put everything on the line pending the introduction of EESTOR. ZENN will be the exclusive distributor of the supercapacitors for the transportation sector.

The reaction to a web conference today by ZENN to bring shareholders up to date was not positive, with many questioning the cloak and dagger routine and asking why, after being 3 months late, EESTOR has not even explained their absence.

And so ...

The future is way up in the air for ZENN Motors, who've quite literally put all of their eggs into one basket. The webcast did provide one bit of information: if EESTOR doesn't deliver by end of the year (calendar 2010), ZENN will be broke.

Photo credits: ZENN

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