Youthmobile 2030 Design: Volkswagen/Audi eOra and eSpira

VW-Audi eSpira
VW-Audi eOra eSpira
VW-Audi eOra

In brief: These concepts are all about the driving experience, using all of the driver's body movements to control the vehicle.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: eOra and eSpira (Concept)
Manufacturer: Volkswagen/Audi

VW/Audi eOra and eSpira

The word

The eOra is a smaller vehicle while the eSpira is larger, but both offer the same driving experience. This design is all about driving, making it unique amongst this year's LA Auto Show Youthmobile 2030 Design Challenge entrants.

VW/Audi eOra

The eOra uses indications from the driver's body movements to carve the road like a downhill skier. It moves quickly, responds instantly, and is built to enhance the driving experience and make it a near-sporting event.

VW/Audi eSpira

This is the next step up in driving experience. Using next generation vehicle control logic, the eSpira will respond to even the smallest of the driver's body movements and turns them into agility and responsiveness.

And so ...

The concept is very unique and would make for a great driving experience, though the everyday implications of their total-body input may have some issues.

Photo credits: LA Auto Show

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