Youthmobile 2030 Design: Toyota LINK

Toyota Link 2
Toyota Link

In brief: A customizable mass-transit vehicle to be used in a transportation network.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: LINK (Concept)
Manufacturer: Toyota Motor Corp.

Toyota LINK

The word

This concept is a mass transit rather than a personal vehicle idea. That's what sets it apart from other entrants into the LA Auto Show's Youthmobile 2030 Design Challenge.

Toyota calls it a "mass transportation social network." Users can download unique LINK Skinz to transform the look of the vehicle and LINK Spheres to change the wheels.

Toyota LINK Poster

The wheels are made of electro-conductive material, drawing power from the road as well as reconverting friction into electricity.

And so ...

Very unusual, this concept is a very different look at both mass transit and the paradigm of vehicle ownership itself.

Photo credits: LA Auto Show

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