Youthmobile 2030 Design: Mazda Souga

Mazda Souga 3
Mazda Souga 2
Mazda Souga

In brief: This concept is more about the way the car will be built and ordered by the customer rather than the vehicle itself.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Souga
Manufacturer: Mazda Motors

Mazda Souga

The word

A unique entrant into this year's LA Auto Show Youthmobile 2030 Design Challenge is different from the rest in one unique way.

The Souga is all about how the vehicle is ordered, not the technology. Each car is totally customized to the customer's wishes. Using a virtual design mentor, a virtual reality website, and imagination, the car buyer designs their own vehicle.

Mazda Souga

Parameters such as price point, what the vehicle is needed for, etc. are the baseline from which the design takes place.

Mazda Souga (top)

And so ...

Mazda is obviously trying to emphasize their customer-focus rather than vehicle technology with this concept.

Photo credits: LA Auto Show

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