Youthmobile 2030 Design: GM Car Hero

Car Hero Box
Car Hero Box

In brief: This unique entry into the Youthmobile design challenge makes driving into a video game.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Car Hero (concept)
Manufacturer: General Motors

Car Hero

The word

This entrant into the 2009 Youthmobile 2030 Design Challenge at the LA Auto Show is unusual, to say the least. Obviously, it plays on the Guitar Hero theme by making a video game out of driving.

General Motors' design studios are obviously being pretty tongue-in-cheek with this one, but the concept is fun.

The idea is for the automated vehicle to give challenges to the "driver," ceding more control with each win against the vehicle.

And so ...

No word yet on whether those challenges will include cheesy 1950s safe driving training films or if it will give points based on the value of pedestrians clobbered.

Photo credits: LA Auto Show

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