Wheego Debuts the LiFe at the Washington Auto Show

Wheego LiFe

In brief: Wheego unveiled the LiFe, the company's first highway-ready, full speed electric car. It's an upgrade on the company's neighborhood electric Whip.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: LiFe
Manufacturer: Wheego

The word

Wheego LiFe

The car is planned for market later this year at a price of only $35,000 before incentives and tax credits. It will be available at all 30 North American dealerships.

The name, LiFe, comes from the lithium-ion iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4), of which it has 28kWh worth. The car is undergoing crash testing for federal approval.

The Wheego Whip, the low-speed, neighborhood model, has been available since October and has sold about 200 units so far.

And so ...

Wheego's future plans are to develop a 4-seat version of the LiFe for 2011.

Photo credits: Wheego

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