Westfield's New Ultra-Lightweight Electric iRacer

Westfield iRacer

In brief: A British company called Westfield, which builds a current version of the Lotus 7, has announced that they will be building an all-electric sportscar/racer called the iRacer and that it will appear in the upcoming EV Cup.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: iRacer
Manufacturer: Westfield

The word

Westfield iRacer

The racer is a real minimalist's machine, amounting to not much more than a boat-shaped hull with four wheels sticking out of each corner and a driver's cockpit at center.

The car will weigh just 1,300 pounds and be built upon a tubular chassis. Most of the car's weight (440 pounds of it) will be the lithium-ion batteries, slung underneath the chassis to put all the weight low to the ground.

Under racing conditions, those batteries should give enough power for 55 miles of range. Two 80kW motors, one on each rear wheel, will supply a total of 730 lb-ft of torque, giving the iRacer a 0-60 in less than five seconds.

Top speed will be 110mph (governed, to save power). Westfield has put out video of the car as it's being tested and built.

The first is less than 30 seconds long and shows the bare chassis and drive train spinning the tires in a power and polarity test:

This second video, only 18 seconds long, documents the iRacer's first test run outside the shop:

And so ...

Very impressive and cool to see.

Photo credits: Westfield

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