VW to Have Electric Car by 2013

VW e-Golf

In brief: Volkswagen has made their electrification plans more open, promising an e-Golf by 2013 and releasing some specs on the vehicle.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: e-Golf
Manufacturer: Volkswagen

The word

e-Golf VW promises the e-Golf (aka "Golf Blue-e-Motion) all-electric by 2013. The car will reportedly have a 93 mile range using a 26.5kWh lithium battery pack. The car will weigh about 3,400 pounds - comparable to the Nissan LEAF.

The same drive train that powers the electric Golf will also power an electric e-UP and Jetta. The e-UP is an ultra-compact car.

Interestingly, the drive train will incorporate coasting in the mix. VW execs mentioned that when the driver lets off the accelerator, the vehicle will disengage the motor (meaning put the transmission in neutral) so the vehicle can coast.

And so ...

An interesting option and one that has been used in many prototype EVs in the past, such as the RAV4-EV.

Photo credits: VW

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