VW Outlines Ambitious 3% EV Market Share by 2018


In brief: Volkswagen has outlined an ambitious goal of holding 3% of the market share for electric vehicles in all product sectors by 2018.

The word


Volkswagen's plans include holding three percent or more of the electric and hybrid electric market shares for every product category they make by 2018. Their strategy includes the planned production of several models over the next three to five years.

A test fleet of all-electric Golfs will hit the streets of Europe and North America in 2011. In 2013, the E-UP (pictured) will go into production as another electric offering from VW. That same year will see the E-Golf and E-Jetta models follow into production.

At the Geneva Motor Show, VW is showing off the latest Touareg hybrid while the Jetta hybrid will debut in 2012 with the hybrid Passat and Golf the year after that.

Volkswagen predicts their highest production numbers to be the Jetta and Golf hybrids as well as the all-electric models of the same.

VW wants nothing less than to be the e-drive market leader.

And so ...

The goal is ambitious, the strategy is strong, but will the market follow along with this? Time will tell.

Photo credits: VW

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