VW Gives More Information on Golf Blue-e-Motion EV

VW Golf Blue-e-Motion concept
In brief: Volkswagen teased the world with mention of a new electric based on the Golf platform and has now released more information on the electric car.

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Make/Model: Golf Blue-e-Motion Manufacturer: VW

The word

Golf BlueMotion (2008)

The updated information on the Blue-e-Motion Golf includes the tantalizing release date: 2014. That's a year later than their estimate from earlier this year, but is probably more firm.

The EV will use an electric motor in front wheel drive, delivering 85kW (112 hp) peak, 50kW continuous (67hp) and a 26.5kWh lithium-ion battery pack. This will give it a top speed of 84mph and a 93 mile range.

The tachometer will be replaced with a display showing current energy usage, allowing the driver to adjust to extend range or increase power. It will also give a range estimate based on current battery state and usage.

Batteries will be distributed throughout the car, replacing the Golf's fuel tank space, in the forward trunk box, the center tunnel, etc. This will keep the weight distribution even and low.

Four driving stages (called D, D1, D2, and D3) pre-set brake energy recovery, which decide the driving strategy the driver can take.

In D, for instance, almost no recovery is taken unless the driver pressed the brake pedal. This allows for coasting. At the other end of the spectrum, D3, letting off the accelerator pedal will immediately begin dragging the car to a stop as the regeneration slows the car and recovers energy.

In addition, driver profiles can be set to maximize range, power, comfort, etc. These all have an effect on the car's range and performance.

And so ...

Very cool and interesting, but it will be a few years before we actually see it.

Photo credits: VW

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