Volvo Begins Production of C30 EV

Volvo C30 EV

In brief: Volvo has begun production of the C30 Electric with first deliveries to lease customers (mostly fleets) to take place this fall.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: C30 Electric
Manufacturer: Volvo

The word

The C30 Electric has been undergoing road testing since its debut last year. It's been pre-sold to lease customers, mainly fleets, and will begin delivery this fall.

The company plans to build at least 250 units by the end of 2012 with the possibility of more if the market demands.

The C30 Electric will be delivered to customers throughout Europe including in Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands and Norway. The car will be built at the regular assembly line in Ghent.

The C30 EV has a range of about 93 miles per charge, takes about 7 hours to charge (EU socket), and a top speed of 81mph with a peppy 0-50km/h of 4 seconds.

And so ...

The C30 design also features one of the most aerodynamic vehicle designs in the industry.

Photo credits: Volvo

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