Volvo announces plans to make all-electric C30 hatchback


Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: C30 BEV
Manufacturer: Volvo
In Brief: Volvo Cars has announced plans to produce an all-electric version of its C30 hatchback.

The Word

After over eighty years in business, Swedish automaker Volvo Cars has announced plans to produce the company's first all-electric vehicle, the C30 BEV. As the name suggests, there will be nothing ostensibly different from the current C30 gas-powered vehicle and the all-electric one beyond the propulsion system. No estimated dates were provided.


Volvo Cars, owned by the Ford Motor Company, will be adding a 24 kWh lithium-ion battery pack to the C30, one that will require 8 hours to recharge using a 230V outlet. Top speed is estimated to be around 80 mph and the battery's range is believed to be something close to 93 miles on a full charge.

And so …

Volvo still intends to produce a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, presumably also based on the C30, in addition to the C30 BEV. Nonetheless, all of this remains academic until Volvo actually puts something on the market.

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