Verdek-EV and Venta Partner to Bring the Tazzari Zero EV to the U.S.

Tazzari Zero plugged in

In brief: Verdek-EV, based in Georgia, has signed an exclusive partnership agreement with Venta, makers of the Tazzari Zero electric car, to distribute the EV in North America.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Zero
Manufacturer: Tazzari

The word

Tazzari Zero

The Tazzari Zero is coming to America now that a new distribution deal has been signed with an American electric vehicle and charging station company, Verdek-EV.

The Zero debuted in its production form at the Bologna Motor Show in November last year.

At that time, no firm information was available as to the car's possible U.S. release. It will be initially released as a neighborhood electric (NEV) with a top speed of 25mph - electronically limited.

Vardek-EV will be importing the car for the Canadian, American, Mexican, and Caribbean markets.

And so ...

This stylish NEV is likely to turn heads wherever it appears.

Photo credits: Verdek-EV

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